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Comet - joint cut

Tuck Point blade for mortar chasing

Comet галванично покритие

Бързо и ефективно рязане на мрамор и стъклопласти.

Nebula, laser welded rim

General purpose blade for use on construction materials. Suitable for masonry materials. Ideal for use on hard concrete and flint aggregate. Can be used either wet or dry. Suitable for petrol disc cutters.

Diamond wheel rescue cut - vacuum brazed

The surface is covered with large diamond tips which enable the wheel to cut hard materials. Diamond tips are brazed on the base metal directly Multi purpose blades cut various material such as metal, concrete, resin, wood, plastic and tempered glass. For DC grinders or power cutters.

Tungsten carbide grit blade

Tungsten carbide grit for high cutting velocity. Laser welded for longer life. Tungsten Carbide Grit Blades for grinders. Able to cut plaster board, PVC, FRP material with grinder NOT MEANT FOR CUTTING WOOD. When cutting wood there is a high risk of kick-back, which can lead to injuries.